The Goddess Isis

Devyani Devotion Show, Homewood, AL
Sumaya performing for Devyani’s Devotion Fundraiser Show
Homewood, AL

Have you seen an Isis Wings performance lately?

Wings are the height of belly dance drama. Requiring the most space to perform, the dancer with wings extended is twelve feet from end to end. The highly reflective fabric of lamé Isis Wings can cast stage lights back to the audience and their opaque nature can conceal the dancer from view for heightened suspense. Small movements ripple through the wings like the tides of an ocean.

Isis wings are a modern belly dance prop that evoke the imagery of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis. The lore surrounding Isis, mother of Horus, says that her tears filled the River Nile and that she used her magic to resurrect her murdered son. The motif of anguish, rebirth and power feature prominently in this dance.


Types of Isis Wings

There are many different wings available today. You can choose from many colors in sheer organza or opaque lamé. I personally prefer larger wings  that start at the base of the neck and end just above the floor, but mini wings are also available. One thing to note when shopping for wings is the spread. Many of the cheaper wings you find on eBay are actually a single wing. While you might save money, not having a split down the back they can limit how far you can extend.

Performing with Wings

For the dancer that wants to learn Isis Wings spinning is a must. Before picking up your first pair of wings spotting must become second nature to stave off dizziness. Second to that you must have strong arms. Wings create a lot of drag that you will have to pull through to keep the wings looking beautiful.

Outdoor performances can be tricky. High winds can rip the wings from the dancers hands, and uneven terrain can be hazardous for spinning. Despite the dangers it is still possible to perform with Wings in a park setting. Trees can help the break the wind, and a visual cue, such as a flag, can indicate the direction of the wind, allowing the dancer to dance into the wind, using it to her advantage, rather than the other way around.

When watching Isis Wings in an informal setting, such as a wedding reception or party where the audience is gathered around a dancer performing in the center, remember to give the dancer space. When spinning with wings the dancer cannot see behind her, and will not know if the crowd has gotten to close.


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