Hello Charleston

After a lifetime in Birmingham, AL I will be moving to the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina.
This is my goodbye.

Charleston, here I come!

A new world opened up for me in 2001 when I first saw a live belly dance performance. From that point on I have studied, practiced, performed and taught belly dance whenever I had the chance. 13 years after that chance encounter in Northern Alabama and I am still going strong. I have had some amazing dance opportunities here. I was featured in the BMETRO magazine, taught hundreds of women at UAB and other recreation centers, and most recently I performed onstage for TEDxBirmingham. I can’t thank the people in my life who helped me to achieve those goals. 

Dance has introduced me to so many amazing women in Alabama; whose personalities and minds are just amazing as their stage presence. I am confident that my new Carolinian friends in dance will be just as spectacular. If you are ever up in the area and hear a belly dancer “yip,” turn your head to the dancer and see if it’s me.


My last public performances in this state will be for the Ruby Beh Gala show this April, see you there!

Sumaya over the years…

The goal of any performer is to leave a lasting impression on her audience. That performance in 2001 changed my life, as I have hopefully done for many other women; and continue to do in Charleston.

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