In a New York state of mind

A quick jaunt into Queens NY to learn from one of my favorite instructors, Lebanese Simon

One of the many advantages of living further up the east coast is proximity to some major cities, and the events those cities host. As compared to Birmingham, where my regional options were Atlanta, GA, the panhandle of Florida, and the western part of Tennessee, I now have some major metropolitan areas to choose from: New York City and Washington D.C. are the two largest, and within easy driving distance of my new home, so when I heard Lebanese Simon was going to be in New York I knew I needed to make the trip.

The workshop, hosted by Lilirosa, was in a beautiful hotel in Queens, NY, filled with Chinese artifacts, and just outside the hotel doors was all the Asian food you could possibly want! Simon’s workshops were amazing as usual. I’ve taken from him 3 times now, and he never disapoints. Dabke with Simon is something I think every dancer should take, even if it isn’t something you want to dance on a stage, you need to learn the dabke because it is so much of the culture, and hearing Simon explain how the dance has evolved is so important too.

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