Sumaya shimmying in Birmingham in front of graffiti wall

Set your Resolution: Shimmy the Winter Away

Sumaya shimmying in Birmingham in front of graffiti wall
Add a Shimmy to your workout routine!

Let’s face it, the holiday’s are not great for your routine. Between baking feasts for your family and cleaning the house for your in-laws, there isn’t much time left for you. Halloween starts off the season with late nights spent crafting costumes for the kids and it doesn’t stop there. Before you know it Thanksgiving has come and gone and the only exercise you are getting entails a mad race through the neighborhood mall.

Now that the season of giving is past, it’s time to give back to yourself.  January’s resolutions inevitably include some form of weight loss, getting in shape or trying something new. How do you accomplish your goal? Start with a small change to your life, dedicate 15 minutes every day to belly dancing. Close the door, turn up some middle eastern beats and loose yourself in the music.

New and old dancers alike will benefit from adding this routine to their schedule. Belly dance increases your flexibility, posture and overall body strength. The Arabic music can wash away daily stress leaving you refreshed and ready to take on a new day’s challenges.

If you haven’t had lessons in belly dance I suggest you find a local instructor. If none are available, or you can’t fit it in your schedule there are some great instructional videos and online classes.

Belly Dance Review

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