Cabaribalusion in Atlanta

Last weekend I attended Belly Dance Super Star Ansuya’s Cabaribalusion Certification Workshop in Atlanta, GA. Wow – what a great time! Three days of intense belly dancing, some great shopping, and a show for Saturday night! I really enjoyed Ansuya as an instructor She was focused and light hearted, great to watch and easy to understand. As a performer she was beautiful as usual. I have seen her with the BDSS before, but having her on the small stage made her performance that much better.

My favorite new “move” from the workshop was “GW” or General Writhe. Sinking down into oneself, embodying the music, twisting & turning into and out of undulations, arm movements, chest & hip circles or figure eights.

Dancing in Atlanta, GA
Dancing in Atlanta, GA

For the show I got to wear my new “Tigress” costume! It held up just fine, and the dance was a hit! I was the second act for the night so I was able to see all the other lovely dancers that evening.

All in all, I would give the workshop an A+!

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