Zivah Saphirah Group Troupe

Zivah Saphirah Fall Performances

Zivah Saphirah Group TroupeThe 2013 fall season is shaping up to be chock full of opportunities to see your favorite belly dancers: Zivah Saphirah. We will be dancing at several events in town as well as hosting our own show. Each performance we put on is tailored to the event, so you can be sure no two events will have the same line-up.

September Performances

Zivah Saphira has been asked to perform at the Essence of Bellydance Gala in Atlanta Georgia. The Essence of Bellydance is an annual workshop hosted by Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance. This year’s line up includes superstars Amar Gamal, Saidie, Mira Betz and Jill Parker. The show will feature workshop instructors and regional dancers. Learn more about the Saturday Gala

Later in September we will be performing for the Birmingham International Street Fair. The street fair is part of Birmingham’s Fifty Years Forward event in celebration of the International Civil Rights Conference. As you probably can tell, the fair will be held in the street, in front of the Birmingham Museum of Art in Downtown Birmingham. Zivah Performance details

October Performances

As we do every year Zivah Saphirah will be performing at the 2013 Art in the Park – a great cultural festival held in Avondale Park.

Look for Sumaya and Zivah Saphirah at Daus Haus, in downtown Birmingham, Al for an eclectic evening of area artists and entertainers on October 5th. Performance Details.

Wayward Tribal will also be performing the following weekend for a Halloween themed event at Daus Haus.

Can’t make it to an event? No problem, you can hire Zivah Saphirah to belly dance for YOUR event!



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    1. Hi Angie, thanks for the comment, Zivah was thinking about doing a fall show, but instead are redirecting our efforts to a spring workshop! We are bringing Ruby Beh to town and hosting a great gala show in April.

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