Workshop with Super Star Bozenka

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Sumaya standing beside Bozenka

I found out that Bozenka would be on the east coast in early 2015 and couldn’t wait to go to one of her workshops.

I had the pleasure of starting off my year by attending a workshop with one of my favorite masters of the dance: Bozenka. The workshop, in Raleigh North Carolina, was a more intimate affair, despite being completely sold out.

What made this workshop special?

Many workshop instructors focus on a choreography that participants must learn in a compacted amount of time. This can provide a great way to cement an instructors particular combinations in our mind. However, this method of learning can often overlook the finer points that the instructor offers and instead forces us to perfect the sequence rather than the technique.

Bozenka provided both a choreography AND an improvisational section to her workshop. While I enjoyed her choreography, it was her pure dancing that I enjoyed the most. By starting off the workshop with the choreography, we were able to assimilate her particular style of dancing, so that by the time we began the choreography free section she was easy to follow.

I especially enjoyed the Saturday evening dinner. We ate at a nice Greek restaurant and watched several dancers perform to the live band. Halfway through the evening Bozenka led us all in traditional Greek line dances and the evening ended with everyone belly dancing hafla style.

Last Thoughts:

Throughout the workshop I noticed many similarities between Bozenka and Aziza of Montreal. This shouldn’t surprise anyone as they have been working closely together as co-teachers during Aziza’s belly dance retreats in Canada.

The fabulous dancers in the Bozenka Workshop



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