Sumaya Performing Raks Baladi

Sumaya Performing Raks Baladi 2013

Belly Dance Classes

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Hire Sumaya to Teach You

Do you and your friends want to learn to belly dance? Sumaya is available for mini-lessons for group gatherings like Bridal Showers & Birthday Parties.

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Why learn to Belly Dance?

Belly Dancing is a great aerobic exercise that is good for the soul. This dance was created by women – and for women. Build strength and stamina naturally and have fun doing it. This class will help build flexibility, posture & grace.

There is no need to worry about complex choreographies, or being judged. We are all women and all friends here.

Class attire is casual. Comfortable work out clothes, like yoga pants and tank tops. Hip sashes and coin belts are optional. For tender feet ballet slippers or jazz shoes are great.

We all have hips – so lets learn to use them.