So, you want to be a belly dancer?

Let’s get started

A well rounded belly dance curriculum includes:

  • Strength training for the core muscles, arms, shoulders, and legs
  • Aerobic and endurance exercise components
  • Focus on proper posture and safe alignment of the body
  • Historical and cultural background for the music, dance styles, and movements
  • And most importantly: fun!

What to expect

Participants will enjoy a class focused learning the movements, rather than a complex choreography in a follow-the-leader format. Don’t worry if you’ve never taken dance before, each movement will be thoroughly explained, and no previous dance experience is necessary.

What to wear

Class attire is casual. Comfortable work out clothes, like yoga pants and tank tops. Hip sashes and coin belts are optional. For tender feet ballet slippers or jazz shoes are great.

Hire Sumaya to be your teacher

Small Group Lessons

Do you and your friends want to learn to belly dance? Sumaya is available for mini-lessons for group gatherings like bridal showers, birthday parties, festivals and fundraisers.

Workshop topics

Double Veils

Bring your veil work to the next level by picking up a second veil. This introductory class will cover the foundations of double veil work: tucks, wraps, hand grips, transitions, spins and turns. These elements will be linked together into a dramatic combination in Sumaya’s signature style.

Some experience with single veil preferred.