What to wear to Sumaya's bellydance class


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Belly Dance Apparel 101

Sports Bra – Belly dance involvesĀ  a lot of shoulder work, and where the shoulders go, the chest follows. Make sure that your bra has adequate support for shoulder shimmies.

Shirt – Choose a shirt that is fitted. T-Shirt’s are OK, but if they are over-sized you won’t be able to see the different types of isolations in the mirror.

Pants – Anything other than denim is OK. Make sure the waist of the pants or shorts comes to your hip bones rather than your belly button to better emphasize your hipwork.

Feet – Barefeet are best, and they require no special purchase on your part. In beginning dance classes there isn’t much turning or spinning: these movements wear on the balls of the feet. If your feet are sensitive, or you find yourself sticking to the floor, you can try ballet slippers, foot undeeze, dance paws, jazz shoes, modern shoes, etc…

Please keep all UAB Campus Recreation Center dress code guidelines in mind.

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